Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Gagliano has represented plaintiffs in all areas of catastrophic injury, personal injury and wrongful death Attorney Anthony C. Gagliano, III is committed and determined to serving justice and treating his clients with the evenhanded respect that they deserve. Known for his professionalism and aggressive pursuit of legality, he strives to serve the interests of […]

Philadelphia Premises Liability / Slip and Fall Lawyer

Norristown Property Owner Negligence Claims Attorney Premises liability involving dangerous property can involve an almost endless list of negligent acts perpetrated by property owners and owners’ agents. For instance, premises liability cases can result from negligence involving: Slip and fall accidents Broken stair rails Sidewalk falls Cracked and broken sidewalks Hotel Accidents Ice and snow […]

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Popular culture depicts motorcyclists as free spirits or daredevils who take to the open road with abandon. While this is certainly dramatic, it does not represent the reality of most motorcyclists and their bikes. Most are sensible, law-abiding citizens who happen to enjoy riding motorcycles. Unfortunately, common misconceptions about motorcyclists often lead jurors to assume […]