Adding Spring Flower Arrangement Natural Elements

Excellent Adding Spring Flower Arrangement Natural Elements 79 With Additional Small Home Remodel Ideas with Adding Spring Flower Arrangement Natural Elements

but warmer weather here we’re all anxious to enjoy nature doesn’t that sound nice yeah we can always enjoy the beauty of the outdoors regardless of the weather when we follow Charlotte interior designer Tracy zellers tips for bringing the best of nature into our homes accord Tracy Zeller good morning how are you today good morning thank you so much for having me you love having you here it’s really a trend we saw this my producer and I were looking through magazines and saw this the segment that bring the outdoors in why is it such a popular trend it is a trend it’s been popular for several years and it’s almost become a catchphrase and I think it’s two-sided I think part of it is over the years we’ve had an increasing awareness of you know ecological issues and so that’s part of it but for me what it’s really about is just the ease and the relaxed feeling that you have in the outdoors and bringing that into your home but in a slightly more comfortable temperature controlled blood-free way [Laughter] because about touches us would you say about natural textures is one of my favorite ways to bring and bring the outdoors in there are five elements I’d try to incorporate in almost every room and that’s

the first I love sisal rugs and grass cloth walls there are some grass cloth wallpaper over on the bulletin board and you can see a couple examples of sisal rugs in a dining room I designed recently there we use both sisal rugs and grass cloth wallpaper we’re looking at India right here and you can see that the room is polished but it still feels comfortable and even though in photography you can’t really tell that there’s texture on the wall you can see that there’s a certain amount of variation in color that you get a depth so that’s created that you don’t have with paint it looks great and again it’s a way to bring sort of those those outdoors in and it still looks put together exactly natural elements and there are ways to make it look casual or sophisticated a looser weave is more casual and a tighter weave is more sophisticated and if you don’t want to install anything permanent you can always use something easy like a basket that can change your clutter and has that organic element so you have a win-win right there I love this in home they look so pretty natural fabric that’s another way you can achieve this look it is I love linens wools Cotton’s the term hand of the fabric is how a fabric feels and it’s hard to replicate that with synthetics I brought some linen and some cotton napkins and you can just feel that there’s a certain crispness or sometimes roughness to the fibers but don’t forget even blends are good too sometimes a cotton linen blend can you give you the best of both worlds it’s a little bit more easy care and less wrinkly than 100% linen tends to be okay that’s good a natural wood finishes well Colleen we’ve seen so many painted

finishes these days but don’t forget that natural wood is beautiful just by itself this is a relatively inexpensive piece from a big retailer and it’s got this great wood finish on it you don’t feel like they have to match you can get stains in any shade from light to dark and as long as they complement each other I’m thrilled when it’s not a matched set yet it looks nice when it’s not matching that you actually like that I think some people are afraid to do finishes but it’s totally acceptable totally acceptable in the home or on a house that I designed last year visitors saw a number of wood finishes there were oak floors that were stained dark walnut there’s a chestnut finish on the light fixtures and the table has a grayish tone and because they are all and have the same warmth to them they all fit well together you designed that I did you’re never coming anytime I never look like that well here’s the other thing bringing in the outdoors about bringing in greenery that’s a big though it is live plants and cut greens make a big difference and gene I so wish I had a green pen but I do not and that’s why these are succulents because succulents require require very little care I bought these at Metrolina Expo there were less than $20 apiece including the planters and they require almost no maintenance of course if that’s even too much for you you go into your yard you cut one of those flowering branches or maybe

you have a kind neighbor that doesn’t your mind you stick that in a vase and call it a day I like that and that’s pretty – yes lastly outdoor views something you want to say about that I do you know if we can’t really capture that with a prop but there’s a reason people prefer windows and offices with windows to officers without and that’s because we feel relaxed when we can look outside so even though we all want our seating areas to take advantage of the television make sure that there’s at least one seating area that looks out to the windows there is a TV in this room and the chairs are facing the TV but the sofa is looking out on this glorious backyard with the big windows and what you can’t even tell in the photo is that we’ve extended the curtain rod a little bit off the sides and that lets you stack your drapery back so that doesn’t eat into the sunlight from the window that’s the road and it asked the cycle mode so it’s a perfect example of a blend so it’s a little less scratchy than a sisal but same for texture yes I knew that really we had cycle I know he knows how to chop pillows little Tracy Zeller calm Tracy Zeller calm that’s where you can find Tracy online it’s tra CI Tracy Zeller calm you are so good thank you thank you so much great tips

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