Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials

all right listen up we’ve got tips to save you some money and maybe something even more precious eight types of fraud that can cost you your life you can find tons of real life stories on the internet about swindlers who make it their job to deceive people more often than not victims are cheated of their money or property but that’s not even the worst case scenario sometimes this fraudulent activity is much more life-threatening than anyone can imagine so we’re about to take a look at eight situations when you need to be extra careful not to risk your health and even your life counting down from number eight refurbishing used tires some sketchy service stations that just care about making extra money and not about the consequences of their actions have the following scheme they take old tires remove the worn down outer layer and carve out new tread on the surface of the tires the danger in this lies in the fact that tires along with the rubber they’re made from have a specific lifespan and scammers exacerbate the situation by taking off the top layer of the material this way your great bargain significantly increases your risk of having an accident with a tragic outcome be careful and if you decide to buy used tires bring a specialist along to check them number seven rat poison and cement in medicines be especially cautious when buying medicines online there are tons of legitimate pharmacies

on the internet but there are probably even more fake ones if you end up buying from a counterfeit supplier you risk not only your health but your life as well fake drugs can contain talc starch and other useless yet harmless substances but there have been several cases reported when counterfeit pills contain substances like rat poison and cement that’s white you should only get medicines from licensed pharmacies and if something reeks of suspicion check that the pharmacy has supporting documentation one big red flag is sites that provide prescription drugs without asking for a prescription from a doctor online pharmacies are a great way to save money but be extra careful your health depends on it number six so I fish instead of soul there are lots of scams connected with food and this fish fraud is one of the most dangerous swai is a cheap vietnamese catfish that sometimes presented as the gourmet fish sole swai fish live in the polluted mekong river which is a dumping ground for waste and sewer water as a result the fish gets sick and are treated with antibiotics but they’re still extremely dangerous to eat it’s pretty hard to distinguish these two types of fish but hard doesn’t mean impossible you can tell the difference by color filet of the gourmet fish is white while swai is pinkish or grass by size sole fillet is thinner and by smell swai has an unpleasant River smell be careful and don’t let anyone put your health on the line if something smells fishy you’re probably being cheated number five seafood fraud fraud

Best Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials 72 For Your Small Home Remodel Ideas with Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials
Best Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials 72 For Your Small Home Remodel Ideas with Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials

connected with seafood isn’t just limited to the swai for sole scheme whether on purpose in order to save a buck or simply by neglect seafood handlers might not practice the extreme precautions that they should when dealing with such a sensitive product if fish and seafood are not refrigerated or handled improperly consumers can end up with severe food poisoning one of the latest concerns is ciguatera a toxin that can be found in some fish species earlier it was only detected in tropical regions but nowadays is getting imported more often with large reef fish ciguatera poisoning can last for months and the symptoms people suffer from include diarrhea nausea blurred vision numbness or even reverse temperature sensations where you perceive hot is called in vice versa oh boy in the worst case scenario ciguatera can evoke severe neurologic symptoms and can even reappear throughout life another life-threatening form of seafood fraud is failing to mention the existence of traces of these ingredients in other products but of course companies don’t want to keep people from buying their goods so they might conveniently forget to warn people about this danger but shellfish and fish allergy is one of the most common and serious in the u.s. along with tree nut and peanut allergies so if the potential allergens aren’t declared this can cost somebody their life swindlers may even purposely miss label fish and seafood just to earn more money tile fish in New York was mislabeled as halibut and red snapper and in Florida macro was presented as grouper these two types of fish can be found on the FDA’s do not eat list for certain people like children and pregnant women because these fish contain dangerous levels of mercury number four medical services this type of fraud could possibly be the worst one on our list you can find tons of stories online about people going to private clinics getting a bunch of different health checks and receiving shockingly horrible diagnosis doctors prescribe costly treatments and promise a miraculous full recovery sounds like modern medicine at its finest but there are no diseases at all these patients are quite healthy victims of fraud they lose a lot of money but what’s even worse taking all these different drugs that the body doesn’t need can result in a sea of real problems like dis

bacterio –ss the best course of action if you’re in doubt about your diagnosis is to consult several doctors number three used furniture this one isn’t all that life-threatening but it’s still a pretty nasty way to get cheated when you buy used furniture at a discount be ready to find your new sofa or armchair full of bedbugs unfortunately it’s next to impossible to understand right away if there are any creepy crawlies setting up camp and a certain piece of furniture sofa bugs for example live in places invisible to the naked eye their larvae hide in the seams of arm rests in the Junction’s of the wood frame and in other snug places that are difficult to reach it’s incredibly hard to get rid of these horrible little bugs so if you’re not sure about the piece of furniture you’re getting ready to buy don’t chance it there are plenty of other furniture stores out there number two expired products of course we’re very lucky to be surrounded by so much food that we don’t even have time to consume it before it expires a lot of the world can’t say the same so perhaps in an effort to waste less some entrepreneurs open up stores where they sell food that as either just recently expired or is about to at much lower prices but if you buy from these discount grocers at least you know that you’re risking it by your own choice but some tricky grocery stores try to make that choice for you for foods that are made on the premises like bread or meat they might put false dates on their expiration stickers or remove the old ones and replace them with new ones always be cautious when buying food examine all the packaging attentively to make sure no labels have been replaced check that the condition of the food matches the date written on it if that meat looks a little funky but it says it was packaged today you might want to skip on buying it and number one promised beauty plastic surgery clinics are where some of the greatest fraudsters out there are working clients looking to have a little work done are often consulted not by a surgeon but by a talented psychologist and this professional will recommend tons of other nips and tucks that the client had never even noticed or felt self-conscious about before the surgeon intern just does what’s written in the patient’s file and that’s it so before you plan any plastic surgery consult several specialists analyze all the information you’ve gathered and choose the doctors who honestly warned you about side effects so have you heard about other dangerous ways swindlers can deceive people tell us in the comments below share this video with all the people you care about and who you don’t want falling victim to fraud remember to hit the like button to show us that you’ve appreciated this useful information and if you haven’t done so yet subscribe to our Channel this way you won’t miss anything new come out on the bright side of lie you

How To Build A Low Profile Entertainment Center

something so the grain is really hard I know a lot of you guys are like I don’t get what you’re saying but I’m linking some videos down below so you guys can get a better idea of what I’m doing but basically what I’m going to be staining is the top basically the whole exterior of it and then the inside um doors here but I’m actually going to leave all of this the way that it is as well as um in here but you guys will be able to see this is all the sheets and stuff that was like covering the floor of this place was a mess because we had to take a pause that she didn’t have the wood conditioner that we need to start the product what conditioners kind of like a primer to help the wood stain kind of absorb into the wood evenly they didn’t have any and we’re going with Minwax brand so we’re taking a pause and I cannot live in a wood shop I just cannot it’s been like that this took me on exactly a week to do and like exactly like seven maybe even eight days to do um so it’s a really long process but I’m keeping my eyes on the prize this is the entertainment center that I was talking about you see how the grains are really I don’t

know the thing that I don’t like is that the grain here is so much darker than the grain on this it’s like they use another panel I’m not that but you know we’ll see how the wood absorbs so I’m a little bit nervous about that so I went shopping for wood stains there were so many and so many colors and it was pretty awesome but this is what I got royal walnut and this is my entertainment center this is the practice wood and first you want to begin by wiping off any excess dust from sanding because you don’t want that to be inside your wood and gloves okay so pre stained wood conditioner from mid wax this is what I’m using is gonna help the stain absorb evenly and I was actually surprised by how watery it looked pretty cool looking so I’m taking my brush and I’m literally just brushing that on as if I was painting it so I decided to do a little experiment I’m gonna appreciate in one side and I’m gonna wipe that excess off and

leave the other side on wood conditioned I guess so this is the Royal walnut poly shades color and you really want to mix it up I’m taking my paint brush you don’t want to take this much people it will drip as you will see in the beginning it’s horrible and I’m so glad that I had the practice piece of wood but I’m just going with the grain and basically just seeing if I need the wood conditioner and on the other side I am NOT gonna apply the wood conditioner just to see if if it’s I don’t know if it has an effect on it I guess and surely it did you can see the difference one side is evenly coated and the other is really streaky so this is what I’m doing to prepare my living room garbage bags on the couch on the floor all over the floor and then I cover it with sheets all right entertainment center left side one coat right side no stain and the bookcase one coat of stain and then one coat of stain two coats of stain I actually love the richness of the color the more coats I added on and with this I’m just literally moving with a grin like we’ve been doing this whole process you just want to move really quickly because this can drive but I really like this because it has sustained and the varnish all-in-ones and oh when you want to get inside the nooks and the crannies like this if you have like a weird edge you just want to make sure you smooth out that edge so that there’s no harsh lines and it was pretty easy and kind of fun a

little time-consuming but I can deal with it I can I can deal with that it was worth it my finished masterpiece is gorgeous isn’t it no I really like the color it came out so as dark as I thought it was gonna be but I actually really love just so glossy finish it’s a little blotchy in some areas but hey I’m a first-timer I think this is pretty darn good okay for your first time come on prompt can I get some props no but I really love the way the Sun hits it and of course I did the top as well so this is what the inside looks like as you can see I stained the inside of the doors right here I only did two coats here the rest of it I did three coats and on the very inside there I also did not stain and it needs to be wiped out of course because of all the standing and I’ve slipped at the inside of the lower cabinet drawers please excuse the lighting but um this is the bookcase that I did and on the inside I literally just put some construction paper on the lighting is really bad so I couldn’t get this to be the deepness of the color I wanted I mean I basically just had to go with the wood it was really light wood so it was hard to really stain into that deep color and if I would have used maybe like um an oil stain where you like rub it in um the outcome might have been different but because it was like a varnish and a stain mixed in one it may have affected how the stain absorbed I’m going to thank you guys for watching there’s gonna be more to come and I’m so excited all right

The Hanging Area In The Room Is Neat And Tidy

even though most homes have a few key trouble spots it’s safe to say every room could benefit from some extra organization lucky for you these IKEA hacks offer just that affordable and genius solutions to everyday home issues this is 28th organizing ideas with IKEA one to hold tiny things like bobby pins and hair ties in the bathroom use a magnetic spice canister to add more storage try to install rope and fin tore up cutler caddies as wall storage – do you see how neat these organizer boxes are for the dresser IKEA scub boxes compartmentalize all the miniature clothes that would otherwise get lost in the Grand Canyon that is the dresser drawer alternatively you could also use the IKEA complement to compartmentalize your underwear and socks drawer 3 why buy a separate piece to store your child’s homework supplies when you can make the best of your IKEA raskov use the wheel cart to organize it so that your child can store pencils notebooks crayons brushes paints and all other supplies in an efficient organized and beautiful manner you could also use the raskov to store the cleaning supplies that you can wheel from room to room anything that makes cleaning easier and faster is always a huge plus for

keep your shoes organized underneath your dresser using Reba picture frame as a slide-out shoe tray or you could always use XP drawer shelf for some slide out under the bed storage 5 since you can’t play driver and entertainer at the same time the floor travel caddy will make your life immensely easier it works just as well as a car organizer for kids stuff it with art supplies tissues toys books paper etc and the best part it doubles as a seat protector for those messy little buggers 6 for a cheap and elegant way use stock or art vase as an elegant way to store your 10 seven keep your shoes from piling up in a disorganized pile in your bedroom or your entry way by using floating IKEA shelves across the bottom of your closet eight tower holder into tank top holder instead of taking up your valuable dresser space use IKEA lily Hulman tower holder to hang your tank tops nine use an Ikea magazine rack to add purpose to your office desk not only does this hack get papers off your desk but it ensures you assign next steps to each paper to boot ten a simple and colorful way to hold books you want to display in your kid’s room is by using IKEA Beck foam spice rack or if you have lots of nail polish in your collection use them to meetly hold two rows of your nail-polish perfectly paint it attach it and you’re done eleven instead of stuffing akia’s plastic bag holder full of you know plastic bags why not hang cleaners from the nifty holes use this hack on the back of a closet door to make better use of already available space twelve corral your makeup brushes you can add style and organization to your vanity with IKEA x’ screw rarrr plant

Cool The Hanging Area In The Room Is Neat And Tidy 79 About Remodel Interior Designing Home Ideas with The Hanging Area In The Room Is Neat And Tidy
Cool The Hanging Area In The Room Is Neat And Tidy 79 About Remodel Interior Designing Home Ideas with The Hanging Area In The Room Is Neat And Tidy

pots the delicate lace like details are super feminine which is ideal for a feminine makeup station 13 face it sweaters take up a lot of space but if you transform IKEA cabinets into under bed storage you could possibly pack away winter items in the summer and vice versa follow the step-by-step guide at oh yes blog 14 if you’re a flavor fanatic like blogger Lucy you know the struggle of never having enough space in your cabinets for your complete collection but when you use picture ledges from Ikea you can transform your wall into the ultimate spice rack and provide ample area for all of your spices you could also use this savvy picture ledge hack to give every necklace you own their own home even better this will make it way easier to hunt through your jewelry when you’re in a rush in the morning and while you’re at it use richtig curtain hooks from Ikea to keep your jewelry neat 15 the trone’s shoe storage boxes are sold in groups of three and you can combine them together like tiles to create any configuration that fits your space a grouping of trone’s boxes is a great way to squeeze a little extra storage space out of a hallway a wood shelf above these trone’s will give them a more finished look trone’s also work well in small spaces like bathrooms to hide toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies 16 if you have too much food in your kitchen you need to enlist the help of rolling drawers so you can actually find what you need when you’re whipping up dinner the solution akia’s drawers for the pax wardrobe system use two big ones and then cut them to fit the pantry voila nice sliding and solid wood drawers 17 if there’s never enough space under your sink then use this nifty hack to utilize utensil holders on the back of the cabinet door that will give sponges and brushes a dedicated home just add some mounting pads on it and attach it to your cabinet wall 18 stack lack bookcases behind a couch to visually divide your space while also providing tons of storage a neat and simple way to organize all of your books 19 custom fit a cork board above your desk with Ikea ABS guild cork placement it’s a simple and stylish hack that will help you keep track of everything on your to-do list here’s how to do it first place the cork above plywood at the upper corner and lay them flesh four across and three down cut the luan out with the jigsaw and then applied trim around the outside using an all-purpose a liquid nail adhesive next start covering the seams in between the placemats find the center and place the horizontal pieces and then

secure sections with adhesive measure each side and cut four pieces venire applied to the sides with an iron following instructions on the package this would be a perfect organizing inspiration for an office or studio a command center in a kitchen or entryway to display photos in a family room 20 if your boots and clogs were always on the floor and taking up too much space try to assemble the veeram wine rack sideways no more searching for pears and more room to walk 21 turn flitt magazine holders into cute organizers with chalkboard labels add fabric Mod Podge to transform them into something a much more expensive looking 22 if you flip one of Ikea x’ spice racks over you can use the bottom to hold accessories like a shelf and use the top to hold hangers with your little ones most adorable outfits 23 why should your daughter’s princess outfit get stuffed into a drawer turning it into a wrinkled mess transform an Ikea billy bookcase into a bright blue wardrobe with a space for clothes and accessories instead first off assemble the bookcase place a wooden dowel rod to the width of the bookcase opening and then secure it with a nail gun paint it and when it’s dry take it to your kids room 24 add TRO fast containers under extra sofas using a trails for easy slide-out storage containers follow the DIY instruction at IKEA hackers 25 to create more space to store your books or magazines in the bedroom attach an Ikea River picture ledge to your headboard mount the Reba upside down and then screw it into the headboard 26 create a window seat with storage using Ikea stone and drawers this is the most simple hack ever here’s how to do it prepare three stolen two drawer chests assemble them and arrange it by the window also prepare an upholstered window seat attach it to the dresser or just put it on top voila the window seat is all 27 to hold crayons markers and any other art supplies on your kids table try to hang magazine Cutler caddies attach the utensil holders using two nails into the side of the table and then slip the nails through the slats of the utensil holder you could easily remove the utensil holders if you didn’t want them there anymore which is a really nice option 28 display your shoes in an interesting way by arranging lack shelves in a v-shape or use spontaneity racks as an ingenious way to store your shoes that’s all for now for more IKEA hacks and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Channel thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video you

USB Port For Gadget Charging Is Relaxing On The Sofa

USB Port For Gadget Charging Is Relaxing On The Sofa┬áhave you ever been caught between having a quiet fan that doesn’t make you feel cooler and a powerful fan that prevents you from hearing your family speak unlike most fans that only have three speeds with Honeywell quiet set fans that have five or eight sound levels you can choose the best sound level for your environment Honeywell quiet set fans can be set to a specific sound level so that a sleeping person can enjoy the cooling benefits of the fan as well as a comfortable noise level choose sleep or calm if you prefer a low sound level and gentle air circulation or select power cool if you like a higher level and more powerful airflow use Honeywell quiet set fans during meetings or while you’re on the phone choose the appropriate level of quiet that allows you to have a normal conversation stay cool and comfortable without the distracting sound of a loud fan this is reef own the world’s first open source modular phone kit that allows you to easily create your own mobile phone wizard foam you can also attend things with Salalah connectivity remember mobile phones used to be very different and are constantly evolved nowadays the bulky rectangular touchscreen phones all look the same what we need is another Renaissance what if we redesign the phone to be anything we want it to be for the past eight years in shinchon the seed studio has been busy hacking the electronic

supply chain to make advanced tools and technologies available to everyone the result is the refund the heart of the refun is a gsm market featuring the world’s smallest computer on a chip that easily fits to anything give you a refill life by adding a touch screen audio GPS NFC motions camera a single eye display and many other cool modules just plug module together using flexible NFC strips once connected you can send text and make calls and even program your own logic update your settings with a simple text and the full power SDK bla and JavaScript are ready for developers next give your refund a body by using the pre-cut craft paper play with different design patterns to make a phone unique to you or consider leather bamboo fabric or existing objects even create a sturdy case using 3d printing laser cutting CNC or injection molding imagine making a call to your dog by adding the GSM and GPS module to the dog collar program your recon with if fists and that logic so your dog never gets lost or add gyros and GSM modules to a kite and talk to the sky or send messages to control your robots removing talk to a door desk bike retrieve the world’s first open-source modular phone kit that allows you to easily create your own mobile phone losery phone you can also attend things with so little connectivity remember mobile phones used to be very different and are constantly evolving nowadays the bulky rectangular touchscreen phones all look the same what we need is another Renaissance what if we redesign the phone to be anything we want it to be for the past eight years in Shenzhen seed studio has been busy hacking the electronic supply chain to make advanced tools and technologies available to everyone the result is the refund the heart of the refun is a GSM module featuring the world’s smallest computer on a chip that easily fits to anything give your refill life by adding a touch screen audio GPS NFC motion sensor camera a single eye display and many other cool modules just plug modules together using flexible NFC strips once connected you can send text and make all

Different Thematic With A Design Fun Bunk Beds That Save Space

here’s the room I made for my boys I wanted to have a nautical theme so I have these bunk beds the top ones suspended and completely independent of the bottom one it’s tied with these anchors there and with rope up to the wall and a knot and it’s pretty sturdy it can move up but it can’t move down and we’ve had a lot of people up on there so I’ll tell you a bit about how it was done I made two frames out of oak and I cut them 45 degree angles and then I have two panhead lag bolts that are about that long at least six inches they go through there and here and then also on the other side coming forward these are actually okay and rails I had some lumber cheap so I decided to do this and then underneath it’s just a sheet of plywood I stained it and I screwed on actually just nailed on a wood lip all the way around and there’s no supports in between here just one sheet of plywood and it works perfectly and while we’re down here there’s a lag bolt right there going into a stud there’s one there and one there so three lags holding it in two studs on the wall this anchor is just for decoration but this one’s anchored into a stud and is support so without this one anchored securely this bed would not work like this at all the Rope is just a thick twine rope from Home Depot and this is found just like actual nautical rigging it’s wound and

really tight and then painted black to keep it secure from slipping it just slips over here these are not lag bolts these are actual bolts I had to drill a couple holes and throw some nuts under there so it goes down and never had any trouble or issues with this my son uses this to climb up kind of monkeys up and it works really well so the tie the boat anchor tie metal bracket here is bolted into two pieces of oak and those two pieces of oak are screwed into the structural elements of the wall so what you’d want to do preferably I put on crown molding so I cut open the wall and reinforced it because if I just tied it into a stud right here and they didn’t do a good job nailing the stud and a lot of weight was put on this it could you know do some damage so but if you don’t have crown molding and you put this even higher you could nail in to the beam that’s going straight across and that would be really secure because I have crown molding I had to go lower and then the stud was the only secure part of that so then just tie the knot really tight let’s say one trick with doing the knots if you decide to do this is I slip it on there then wind it up and have some excess if it’s a little too saggy still now if you look down here and this edge is drooping what you do is you unhook it here and spin the rope so since the twine is going this way I’d spin it like this that tightens up the rope and it also lifts up the bed so if it’s drooping a bit you just spin the Rope a bit and Reese lip it around this anchor and it jacks up the bed enough to make it level this wasn’t the perfect bedding but it really matches the paint pretty well um I got this this is a target Brett bedspread million-selling stories and more but I found it online it’s um there’s a tag here Serco circle

what do you call it I’ll put it in the description and these lights here are from Ikea and I drilled a little hole in here to hide the wire down the wall and I got these dimmers here so they make nice reading lamps those wall plates were from Lowe’s and they matched the style of the lamp you can see perfectly straight lines clean lines chrome and black and my boat boys absolutely love those reading lamps use them all the time so let’s glad I put them in got a Hunter Douglas fan here it’s black and chrome and one of their elements um curtains get away with not having the funky lighting curtains for from Ikea as well I wanted something somewhat similar to a sale so I just had white sheets with pilots at the top doesn’t feel to unknot achill again crown molding all the way around old metal G poster here and I’m going to put I’m going to take this painting down and put some IKEA shelves up in the next video if you want to watch how those are installed there the shelves that have no supports underneath they just come straight out of the wall and they match the same wood color they’re chrome and Chrome in like ebony or whatever they call it just a really dark brown so that should look pretty good I’ll talk about how this bed goes in so underneath this bed are just these are just furniture legs that I came across for like a sofa

just a block of wood and pull it out you can see that this bed has nothing to do with the top so you can move around to anything you want and under here it’s just the sheet of plywood it’s just resting on the lip that was nailed on it did help fortifying this this is I’m up second-story here as you can see and actually my house is a lot like my neighbors I have this so here’s a bedroom right here and I have this big triangle shape in the Attic it was just dead space so here cut a hole in the wall and made a pretty big playroom and do their Legos and hang out and rustle in here and this was such a big amount of space as you can see it would be a shame just to leave it attic so that allowed me to cut open here and do a lot of retrofit for holding the one beam so the key to this bed is this here and oh let me show you down the side it’s probably too dark but this thing on this side maybe turn on the reading lamp little bit more and the lens make it down there I don’t think so anyway right there you see the reflection there it is a little bit see the little white thing that’s us bushing from a skateboard truck there called the truck is part of the skateboard that holds the wheels and it also attaches to the board and there’s these little rubber

bushings so this lag bolt is not going straight into the wall if you bolt it a piece of wood straight against them all your Walt I’m also more often than not it’s not gonna be framed perfectly straight so it’ll be a bit wobbly and every time they get in the bed you’ll hear it creaking and hitting the wall it would be terrible so I put one bushing in between the bed frame and the wall so each of the three lag bolts has one little rubber bushing and that gives it a cushion so boys jump on here it doesn’t transfer all that energy directly into the studs causing creaks and damage sheetrock and all that so it’s a vital part of the construction of this as well anyway I hope that’s been helpful give you something to think about it was a pretty fun project this paint is a three tone so the ceilings flat Brown and and then this is kind of a cream-colored it’s not white and then the blue is a nice color blue that works very well was combination I didn’t come up with what I saw it in a magazine so I’ll put the paint colors in the description as well so case you wanted to do this and if you do leave some comments maybe anything that you found helpful or some different ideas that you had maybe help other people the only thing I mean we didn’t put up enough decorations yet I still want to do a lot of fun stuff in here the curtains are kind of boring I wish I could fancy them up a little more bow dish this I wish I could find I think that’s just stripes or something but it’s good so if you find awesome bedding that’s great for nautical room leave that in the comments as well and anyway has questions and I’ll answer them thanks for watching

Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home-Based Boutique Business

hi everyone its Alejandra and I am standing inside of my very organized closet and I’m so excited to be giving you guys a closet tour today because I have spent maybe a little over six months trying to set up my closet trying to get it right trying to just organize it in a way that it’s going to work for my needs and my habits and stuff so alright so I just want to show you everything that I’ve done here so I am standing on one side of the closet there’s another side behind me or in front of me that I’m going to show you in just a second but this side this is where I have all of my drawers and shelves with baskets and then all my handbags up there and then the other side has all of the the hanging space and the shoes and the necklaces and stuff so let me just start with the drawers and show you everything so first off this system here is made by Ikea it’s called the PAC system and it comes in multiple colors this is the black brown everything is customizable meaning that it has these little pegs on the side of the closet so you can you know you can always take a shelf out add a drawer or you could add a rod to hang stuff or you know you can move this higher or lower depending upon what you’re storing so everything is just it’s in the right spot right now and I really like the way it set up so okay so the drawer so up here is where I have all of my jewelry and accessories so I went ahead and I found all of these nice jewelry organizers from Michaels now I loved the color I love hot pink I love zebra print and leopard print and stuff so they were I don’t know it was just fun it was matched my personality so I got them they were actually on clearance at Michael’s I think they were maybe three or four dollars I don’t remember but they have little sections so I have accessories like sunglasses jewelry boxes bracelets scarves belts and then over here I have rings bracelets some necklaces and earrings and stuff and then in the very front I have all my accessories that I use more often than some of my other accessories so I have like my small handbag like this I have this in black and beige I always use these when I’m just I don’t want to carry a big purse I just want to carry something also keep those right here and then I have all of my hat so I don’t wear hats too often but when I go to the gym sometimes overhead or just running errands and stuff so I have all of my

Best Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business 83 With Additional Home Design Furniture Decorating with Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business
Best Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business 83 With Additional Home Design Furniture Decorating with Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business

everyday hats right here and then so that’s the jewelry and accessory store and then the next one down is where I have pajamas leggings and sweatpants so I am a big leggings person in the winter I wear leggings like every single day and so leggings has its own section here and then sweatpants I’m always wearing slow pants also so slow pants are here and then pajamas pajamas are folded nicely over here and what I did here was I used these dividers these are spring-loaded dividers that they go inside drawers and they are they’re spring-loaded so they can they fit multiple sized doors so they just keep the sections separated and then at the bottom of the drawer you can kind of see down here is where I have this shelf liner that actually it smells it smells like I think it’s cute cucumber a lime so it just gives the drawer a nice scent and you just line the drawer and then all I did was use double-sided tape to kind of keep it down so it doesn’t slide everywhere now something else you can do and what I’ve done here is every time I go to the mall which I don’t really go to often but every time I go to the mall and I like I’m looking for perfume samples or something I bring home the perfume sample and I just stick it inside my drawer so if I didn’t have that liner down there then I would still have a nice scent inside of the drawer so here’s a sample one that I got from Macy’s and I’m just going to stick it at the bottom of the drawer so now my drawer has a nice smell okay so that’s the pajama door down here is where I have all of my undergarments so I’ve shown this on camera before and I thought it was kind of weird but whoever underwear socks bras and I have the same spring-loaded dividers right here so it kind of divides up you know the categories of stuff and then I have the same liner at the very bottom of the drawer that’s you know it stays it stays in place with the double-sided tape and then all the socks are kind of they’re color-coded like everything else in the store but they’re kind of categorized in a way where like gym socks here fancy socks here or like dressy socks here and then pajama socks like these fuzzy socks are all the way in the back okay so something else you could do if you want to have like a nice scent inside your drawer is get these little scented sachets I think they’re called that inkless is from Target or something they’re really inexpensive and you just put them in the side of your drawer and so the whole drawer will smell nice and fresh yeah and then down here exercise there’s really nothing special about that drawer and then tanks and tees okay so down here is where I have all of my there tank tops and t-shirts and what I do is I roll them so I can immediately see exactly what I’m looking for right when I open the drawer so if I open the drawer and I’m like okay I’m looking for my yellow tube top then I just look in the yellow socks yellow section and I see it right away so it’s just easy to it’s easy to see and find exactly what you’re looking for now if you’re going to roll your tank tops and t-shirts the goal is not to roll them perfectly like they might look perfectly rolled there but the goal is just to get them in its place and have everything visible so if something is you know if you just you know you get a shirt out of the laundry and you just you know you just want to roll quickly roll it like this maybe that’s not perfect but it’s still visible it’s still going to keep it from being wrinkled when you wear it and it’s somewhat in a rolled form so that’s okay too so it’s not about making things perfect okay the bottom drawer bottom drawer is where I have all of my jeans my what are they called legging jeans whatever they’re called and then my skirts like long short skirts and then I have some shorts they’re frilly there’s something special about the store I have a spring-loaded divider in place to keep everything separated I roll my jeans I fold all my legging jeans because they don’t really fold that or they don’t really roll that nicely and then I just fold all my skirts and stuff so I don’t really use I don’t really wear skirts that often and those are kinda like longer skirts so yeah that’s why they’re not hanging there dis funded so that is everything inside that drawer and then in the top of the closet here I have all of these they’re like sweater containers sweater baskets

sweater bins that’s what they’re called and I like the design because I feel like it kind of I don’t know it’s pretty and then I I added a pop of color with this label all I did was take scrapbook paper I just cut it into a square that fits this window put it inside and then I labeled the section with what’s inside sweaters and if you have these bins these are from the Container Store if you have them all of the handles they come wrinkled which is kind of bizarre but when I was shopping for them I was kind of looking for handles that weren’t wrinkled but that does not exist so all I did was take my flat iron I put it on a really low setting and I just ironed the handles out so now all the wrinkles are out and now it just hangs really nicely and there’s no wrinkles okay so sweaters purses a beach wear and then travel so everything is just kind of tossed inside nothing is really like the sweaters are folded travel that’s just like travel bags cosmetic bags and stuff that’s just tossed in their purses it’s kind of just tossed in there and then Beach where that’s just tossed in there also and then I have this is my little ring holder that I just keep on the shelf it’s a poodle you guys know that I love poodles we have a toy poodle so it’s just cute and then every day after you know before I go to sleep I was just hanging my ring there okay so up here is where I have handbags so all my handbags are nested inside of each other now I do have some purses down here inside of this sweater bin that I just showed you guys these are these are more like I don’t know medium-size handbags as opposed to these up here they’re larger ones they’re more like duffel bags or weekend bags and they’re all nested inside of each other and then I used these these dividers they’re shelf dividers they just they clip on to the shelf and then they just hold the they keep the bag upright so if the bag is going to fall over it’s not really going to fall over because there’s a shelf divider there and then keep all my wigs up there just kind of weird but I don’t know why I have a wig it’s just kind of fun to wear on occasion and then my step stool is over here so if I wanted to grab a bag up there I wouldn’t have to call it inside my closet because he’s so tall and he can easily reach that I just grab my step stool and get the bag up there so that is everything on this side of the closet let me show you the other side of my closet this is the other side of my closet so this is where I have all of my hanging clothes and I have all my shoes at the very top so I’ll just start up here okay so all my everyday shoes like my flip-flops my tennis shoes my I guess that’s everything I wear flip-flops and tennis shoes those are all indoor pockets on the door like the closet door because it’s very easy to access it’s within like within reach and it’s just super accessible so all the shoes that I don’t really wear that often like like heels and shoes for special occasions and stuff those go in shoeboxes at the very top of my closet and I really what I really wanted to do was I really wanted to do the picture of the shoe in front of the shoebox but if you’ve ever done that before you know it takes so much time and I was trying to think of what else can I do that doesn’t take up that much time that’s still like you can still tell what shoe is which so I just took my my label maker and I took my pink label tape and I just labeled everything with whatever I thought made sense so like orange ashlee heels like I know those are my orange heels that Ashley gave me so it just makes sense inside my head okay and so down here is where I have all of my there’s some long skirts there’s some Sun dresses and that’s really about it over here in this section and then over here I have all of my fancier shirts like like short-sleeved blouses and I have like my favorite t-shirts that I wear like on a weekly basis those are all hanging here and then all my sleeveless tops are all in the front here so everything is categorized by what category it is and then after I categorize it I put everything in color-coded order because it just makes sense in my head because when I come inside my closet if I’m if I know I’m looking for my orange t-shirt like my orange nicer t-shirt I’m just going to go to the shirt section and then go to the orange section and I immediately find what I’m looking for okay and then up here is where I have all of my long sleeve tops like long sleeve t-shirts and long-sleeved blouses and stuff

and I do the same thing I put them in color-coded order because it’s just easier to find and retrieve exactly what you’re looking for when you walk inside the closet I switched my hangers so before I was using the wooden they were kind of thick hangers from Ikea I think it was like 10 to a pack or something but I swapped them for these felt lined hangers from Costco I think they were pack of 36 for $9.99 it was a super incredible deal and at first I didn’t really like these hangers because I feel like the clothes just like clings to them too much and then it’s hard to just take things off when you’re kind of in a rush getting dressed but um but I tried them and I really liked them and they are super affordable and they’re space-saving because they’re so thin that you can just fit a lot in the closet so I think I did that switch maybe last year I don’t really remember one so something else I do inside my closet is I make sure that each garment that’s hanging on a rod has enough breathing space so for example if like you can kind of see that it’s pretty easy to take out like take out one of the hangers and put it back in because nothing is like jam-packed like that when it’s too jam-packed it’s too hard to pull something out or even put something back and when something is too hard to put away or too hard to access then that means it’s not probably getting used as much as it could be if it was just set up a little bit easier so you want to make sure that everything has enough breathing space okay so over here I have a necklace organizer that just pulls out from the side of the closet and it’s actually it’s made for all kinds of accessories you don’t have to just put necklaces you can put scarves or you can put bracelets or belts or ties I just have a lot of necklaces so it just works really well okay so on this side of the closet I have another accessory organizer that I put all my other necklaces so each necklace gets its own little hook some of them are doubled up or some of them are tripled depends on the weight of the necklace but I like how it just slides out and then slides right back in okay so something else I do is I use these little dividers in each of the sections so for all my tube dresses I have this little divider that just hangs on the rod that keeps the section separated so I know what’s going to go on like on this side and what’s going to go on this side so this just goes in front of the dress section okay and then over here on the closet door on the inside of the door I have door pockets that again they just hang on the top of the door nothing is drilled into the door or

anything it just kind of sits on top of hooks for all my everyday shoes so these are shoes that I wear like all week long or everyday like fill clubs tennis shoes slippers I’m really like such a casual dresser so yeah so I just have all my casual shoes right here easy to access easy to put away and super convenient and then down here is where I have all of my scarves so with the scarves all I did was just roll them kind of like this and then just put them inside of the door pockets just like that so it’s really easy to see and find exactly which scarf you’re looking for because you can just you see everything in one shot it’s not like you’re you know shuffling through scarves trying to find the right one you just see everything and that’s what that’s what I wanted and that’s what I like so again this is on the inside of the door so when the closet door is shut you’re not going to see like any of this busy stuff the the back the door is just plain and it’s nice and clean so that is everything that I want to share with you guys about my closet I hope these tips are helpful if you want more tips on how to organize your space or your closet you can visit my website at Alejandra TV I’ll see you guys soon bye

Scandinavian Christmas Decor Plans

hi everyone this video is a little bit different from the videos that I normally do because I wanted to make a video about something that’s been very inspiring to me lately and that is home decor so a little bit of backstory when my husband and I moved into our new place we wanted to start fresh and so we really wanted to go with more minimalistic modern approach with our new place because as new parents we found out that the less you have the easier it is to keep it clean and organized but on that same note we wanted it to still be very warm and cozy and feel like home so as we started decorating and getting pieces that we liked and it started coming together it eventually evolved into a Scandinavian type of decor which most designers would define as modern minimalistic with livable elements to it so that’s what this video is about and that’s what I hope it does for you is inspire you if you’re wanting to decorate your own place few things to think about when you’re doing skins and Navion decor is start with a neutral color palette black swipes you can’t go wrong with any type of earth tones and lots of bright light and natural light in your place if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your place you can make your place brighter with white walls or light-colored walls and then warm up the space with a cozy rub here and there mixing textiles Geographic patterns and then of course adding earth elements of wood metal marbles and any type of plants are also really good so I hope that you liked the video please remember to subscribe by clicking in the bottom right corner of the screen and thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy

my bedroom come on in I’ll light a candle for you guys just make yourselves comfortable so let’s start off with my dressing table underneath I have the step stool which I used to sit on and a basket where I store my clean bed sheets on top I have my gray dolla Hess from Sweden al Anton and my favorite book about writing on the windowsill I have this perfume that Matthias bought me in a reed diffuser I mostly sit on my dressing table to do my makeup in the drawer I have all my makeup my eyeshadow palette and lipstick contour kit and highlights primers foundation and blush all my makeup brushes other miscellaneous items and my jewelry and hair accessories I also sit at this table most mornings to write my novel it’s my dedicated space free from the distractions of my office and just to calm space for me to get on my words down next we have this little corner of the room this is my favorite plant called a schefflera or umbrella plant and here we have a clothes rack which I use to put my current day clothes or pajamas for the week I also have this contraption it’s a lap desk from Ikea

I use it in bed when I’m just chilling watching YouTube videos and movies here we have my bedside table I have a lush dinosaur plant a wooden leg and a little stand my Google pixel it’s also a cute little photo of Mattias and I in Denmark here’s my Sony speakers and I can fall asleep listening to soothing UIC’s of your own Hennessey Algren and here’s the main feature of my bedroom my bed I love my bed it’s a queen-size bed and I change the sheets just for you guys spent a lot of time in bed reading books every position is comfortable you guys don’t know comfort until you’ve been in my bed lastly my wardrobe I’ve gotten rid of about 80% of my clothes and it feels very good that everything has own place now so that’s pretty much it that’s my bedroom it was fun I’ve had you guys over let me know what you guys think and if you want me to show you around my office next thanks for watching have a lovely day and as always we say tops Martin

Material Of European Pinewood And Bathroom MDF Furniture

on the build show today we’re gonna be talking about the differences between plywood and OSB sheathing when you’re framing a new home one of the beauties of building a new custom home is that you can make all the decisions on the house you’re not bound by the production builders that only let you choose countertops or maybe fixtures and tile you can choose everything including the type of framing that you want to use on today’s video we’re going to take a deep dive into the differences probably between the two most popular sheathing choices for framing on the outside of the house that’s oriented strand board or OSB versus plywood but before we get into that let me tell you one of the choices that I’m not going to recommend most production builders not all but most in this country are sheathing their houses with this this is a cardboard product I don’t want to tell you the name just to keep the innocent honest but this product is not what you want to use to sheath your house I find this to be very err leaky very hard to waterproof correctly and certainly it meets code but it is not your best choice if you’re building a custom home you’re probably like-minded to me you want to build a durable product that’s gonna be around for a long time that’s well-built that you’re proud of and that you want to drive by someday with your grandchildren and say that’s the house I built look how good it looks it

probably had the kitchen remodeled but the structure is in great shape and that’s why what we’re talking about today I think is so important because you’re gonna remodel that house likely in 20 or 30 years you’re probably not going to remodel your sheathing it’s gonna be there for a long time okay now before we get into these two choices let’s talk about the history of construction in America prior to either one of these coming on the scene houses in America were built with solid sheathing that’s that shiplap that you’ve seen chip and Joanna Gaines made popular on their show it’s used typically on their show inside and it’s for looks but shiplap started as a sheathing product houses built prior to World War two we’re using shiplap on the outside of the house the builders were bringing them up one board at a time and nailing those on and that gave sheer value to the house that’s that racking strength and the wind blows against the house to make sure it’s not moving or shaking now our round World War – that’s when plywood came onto the scene and we had a huge housing boom in America and plywood was typically used and I don’t know the couple decades or so after world war two was really the only choice and certainly the most popular choice this is half-inch plywood right here and this happens to be three ply plywood you can also buy plywood in five-eighths and you’re gonna see this vary between maybe three to five plies for half-inch and four to seven plies for five-eighths inch plywood now oriented strand board this is a newer choice orange strand board was invented in the 60s but didn’t really become popular in American houses I would say until about the 80s my understanding this is actually about

three-quarters of the marketplace in America today for custom homes that are using a solid sheathing on the outside of the house now this is a product is made from small strands of actual wood but this is typically fast-growth wood that’s been glued and oriented and pressed to make this board right here you ought to go to the Wikipedia page about oriented strand board I’ll put it in the link below very interesting to find out how this is manufactured this half-inch board started as a mat of these strands of wood that’s about six inches thick and glue and these little chips are actually pressed with heat together to form this half-inch sheet I build a lot of houses with OS be a very good structural product I like how we can solid sheet the house now so we’ve got a nail base we’ve got the ability to put our waterproofing in it’ll take a staple a very good product I would consider always be a minimum for a custom home being built okay next let’s talk about cost OSB is the most used for a reason and it’s really cost this particular sheet in today’s dollars this is being published around the beginning of 2018 it’s about $12 a sheet for what I would call commodity OSB now there are certainly better grades of OSB I’m not going to get into that today but one of my sponsors Huber makes some really impressive grades of OSB but this is the lowest grade this is the the least cost at $12 now plywood this is CDX plywood which is typically used for sheeting this is about $18.00 for that same nominal 1/2 inch thickness this is actually 7/16 and this is 15 30 seconds in total thickness so we’ve got about 50% more to go to 1/2 inch plywood compared to 1/2 inch OSB now how does that translate into real dollars on a house you might be building this house being built here by my company this is about a 7,000 square foot framed house when I say framed

house I’m including the garage the porches all the unheated spaces not just the heating cooled so 7,000 square feet of frame space and we needed about 200 sheets of exterior sheathing on this house now if you relate that to a cost per square foot basis we’re talking about 17 cents per square foot not a lot when we’re talking about these two choices but $1,200 that’s not nothing you know that’s that’s more than half my mortgage payment every month so these are real dollars next let’s talk 5/8 inch prices 5/8 inch OSB is about $20 a sheet in today’s market in 5/8 CDX which is actually what we used on this house is about $22 so only $2 in difference between these two products again these are real dollars and it does add up but I want you to know what are the real differences why are you gonna pay more for plywood versus just using standard OSB all right next let’s get into long-term performance you know remodeled a lot of houses over the years and I’ve seen problems in houses with both of these neither one of these is a panacea to a well-built house especially if you’ve got leaks that are happening in your house now for instance I’ve reminded a lot of houses that were post-world War two houses those houses no insulation very air leaky I often found big leaks around windows and doors lots of stains from our water was getting in but there’s old houses because they were very leaky with air they were energy pigs they were super energy inefficient they were also very durable that’s solid sheathing and solid two-by-fours in the house were able to absorb the water and because air was flowing and heat was flowing through that they dried out and they didn’t have any rot or mold issues now on the other hand a new house if you’re watching this in you’re building a new home you got to build that house to today’s building cards and today’s codes require a very airtight house that’s very well air sealed and very well insulated so if one of these two gets wet they’re not going to dry very well the big reason why you want to choose a really

good weather barrier or waterproofing system for the outside of your house now let’s talk about small amounts of water now if you’re using OSB OSB is less susceptible to small amounts of water and not having problems over time a famous building scientists David Nicastro has a saying if it can’t dry it’s gonna die and that’s the case with OSB there’s a lot of builders that won’t use OSB because they’ve seen problems and remodels now on the other hand the pole I wood has a little bit more ability to absorb some water now we’re talking small amounts of water and as long as that small amount of water can dry plywood we’ll be okay on the other hand I’ve also seen some massive failures on not very old buildings because they get a lot of water on the plywood and that plywood couldn’t dry out so it rotted out so neither one of these choices means that you can just use whatever you want on the outside for waterproofing you really need to pay attention to those details okay so which choice is the right one for you you can use really either choice the difference is you’ve got a little bit in my mind more buffer capacity on plywood than you do an OSP which means that small amounts of leaks may be around an unsealed hose bib or a small leak that only happens during a huge storm event but doesn’t happen during the rest of year you’ve got a little bit more capacity in that plywood for a small amount of water to get in and not have a problem than you do in OSB but for either choice what I’ve found over the years is that most of the problems happen underneath windows and at the bottom one to two feet of the house windows no matter how good a window you buy have a tendency to leak over the years and it’s

usually the first floor that has the most problems because that you’ve got the least overhang the most exposure so no matter which choice you make you got to put a seal paint in for your windows and you got a waterproof those windows correctly similarly at the bottom of the house I really think you need to take extra precautions where whichever choice you meet meets your foundation there’s several ways you can waterproof that bottom foot of the house look for a couple of those in the description below for some links and videos I’ve made there but ultimately either one of these is a great choice for a custom home it really boils down to how much risk do you want to take can you afford to spend a little bit more on plywood and are you willing to waterproof that house correctly to make sure that if you choose OSB that it’s going to stay nice and dry for the lifetime this OSB if I leave it inside my dining room it’s gonna look beautiful in a hundred years from now the same true with plywood if we keep them dry they’re gonna be in great shape for the lifetime of the house but if we don’t do a great job on those details that’s when the problems occur guys thanks for joining me stay tuned for a future video where actually I’m going to get into a couple of different options besides these to our friends at huber make some higher grades of oriented strand board that really have some neat properties and we’re going to talk about water absorption and what you need to know with water and houses under construction specifically in the framing stage look for that video in 2018 thanks for joining me guys Happy New Year’s Merry Christmas and we’ll see you next time on the build show

How To Create Space In A Small Kitchen

renting a studio apartment is always a go-to option especially if you’re living alone however the little space it provides can sometimes be a nuisance if you want to save space and create additional one consider these space-saving ideas now welcome to Jansen’s DIY and here are 21 space-saving ideas for your studio apartment 1 do you want to have a couch but you are worried it will take up too much space why not try a sofa bunk bed it works two ways as it could be your sofa and bed both at the same time too when it comes to allocating an area for washing clothes a studio apartment can be quite challenging make sure you use a blind rate which is basically a combination of laundry rack and window blinds besides you will not have to use electricity on this one which is pretty helpful 3 this is where you want to consider using or low reynold’s amazing shelf not only will you have four chairs and two dining tables but you will also acquire a readily available shelf anytime you want that you can just pull out easily for in a studio apartment there is a reason why you need to invest in a convertible sofa you can transform it into a dining table and chairs in a japanese-style type of setting 5 if you haven’t heard about Murphy beds then you’re missing a lot believe it or not they have been around for a couple of years this furniture can act as a table sofa and even a shelf it’s the kind of space-saving furniture that is worth buying six

have you been looking for a great dual purpose idea in your apartment then this one is right for you it’s the type that gives you a huge picture frame on your wall but if you’re in need of an extra table it can easily be transformed into one seven why spend cash buying two things when you can buy one that already gives the same functionality just by flipping this ironing board you immediately get a mirror you definitely need this great space-saving idea eight cutting and rinsing vegetables or fruits right away are doable these days well this is partly thanks to the over the st. cutting board as the name suggests it is directly mounted on your kitchen sink 9 why keep those trash bags in somewhere else when you can always keep them under your kitchen sink just install a short dowel on brackets found underneath they are always all ready to organize trash bags first cut your dowel down to size and then sand the ends this will keep the wood from catching on your trash bag rolls measure where you want each bracket to hang under the sink mark your holes making sure they’re level and then drill a little hole screw the brackets into place with a screwdriver now that the brackets are hanging time to insert the dowels through the trash bag rolls once that’s done all you have to do is set the dowel inside the brackets 10 ah isn’t it a great experience to drink while being able to see what is outside this is exactly what this space-saving

idea gives it’s like a little cafe corner which is designed to give you a fit dining room eleven you think the space on top of your faucet isn’t usable of course it is you just need to mount a tiny shelf on top of it that way you can keep ingredients or place a nice little cactus on top 12 do you own a number of tank tops because if so you’re going to benefit big from this idea there is no need to use a lot of hangers anymore it is time to store all of them in a single hanger with curtain rings and this is what it offers 13 a studio apartment also means a small bathroom space this is where you need to make use of all vertical space doing so means adding a vanity shelf so you can place items that you often use 14 just because it’s intended for garbage doesn’t mean you need to make it messy obviously you want the other way around just place any small basket over your apartments cabinet door it could be in the kitchen or bathroom anywhere is perfect 15 while this needs a bit of craftiness the result you will get is superb a pulldown desk is perfect if you often find yourself working on some documents or paperwork also it is ideal for saving a lot of storage or space check out shanty 2 chic for the complete DIY instruction 16 you really don’t need a wall to install a division in your apartment a curtain is enough to get the job done it is a beautiful way to separate two areas in your apartment for example it can be used to separate the living area from your bedroom 17 yes that’s right the vertical space on top of your door can be great leverage for storing stuff it is where you can mount storage to keep things like tower or extra clothes it is sleek and functional 18 like most people there is a beauty in owning a hefty kitchen knife set but if you are restricted by space you have in your apartment you might have to think twice about buying one that is why you need to consider this space-saving knife set instead each of the knives easily fits to the other for a perfect storage idea 19 it’s time to move from vertical storage space to the corners of your bedroom it is where you can mount a little shelf to place items such as books designs or anything you can think of you can be creative by painting these shelves according to your bedrooms preference first put up two pieces of one by one make sure to nail directly into the studs behind the wall next cut a board so it aligns with your two walls nail directly into the top of the board so it hits the one-by-one

supports underneath for the bottom of the shelf cut an identical board at the top one and attach it under the one by one measure a face board that will cover the gap the top and the bottom boards as before make sure you are nailing the face board into the top and bottom boards 20 of course it is a crime to forget the space under your bed it is exactly the kind of thing you need to obtain some space-saving solutions you can store your shoes laundry clothes or tools down there but make sure you do not just dump them in a messy way here’s an easy way to create a wheeled storage box so the first thing you want to do is saw the wood shims to the appropriate length next while holding the wood shim in place drill the screw through the plastic and wood shim repeat step 3 for all holes on the caster then repeat steps two and three for each corner on the plastic bin turnover remove masking tape and admire your awesome new under bed drawer 21 this wall storage is ideal for keeping extra towels clothes or books if you have unused walls just mount a small basket sideways just keep in mind that this is a bit lightweight so don’t store stuff that is quite heavy so what do you think about this episode please share your thoughts about this video in the comment section for more organizing ideas stay tuned to our Channel thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

Adding Spring Flower Arrangement Natural Elements

but warmer weather here we’re all anxious to enjoy nature doesn’t that sound nice yeah we can always enjoy the beauty of the outdoors regardless of the weather when we follow Charlotte interior designer Tracy zellers tips for bringing the best of nature into our homes accord Tracy Zeller good morning how are you today good morning thank you so much for having me you love having you here it’s really a trend we saw this my producer and I were looking through magazines and saw this the segment that bring the outdoors in why is it such a popular trend it is a trend it’s been popular for several years and it’s almost become a catchphrase and I think it’s two-sided I think part of it is over the years we’ve had an increasing awareness of you know ecological issues and so that’s part of it but for me what it’s really about is just the ease and the relaxed feeling that you have in the outdoors and bringing that into your home but in a slightly more comfortable temperature controlled blood-free way [Laughter] because about touches us would you say about natural textures is one of my favorite ways to bring and bring the outdoors in there are five elements I’d try to incorporate in almost every room and that’s

the first I love sisal rugs and grass cloth walls there are some grass cloth wallpaper over on the bulletin board and you can see a couple examples of sisal rugs in a dining room I designed recently there we use both sisal rugs and grass cloth wallpaper we’re looking at India right here and you can see that the room is polished but it still feels comfortable and even though in photography you can’t really tell that there’s texture on the wall you can see that there’s a certain amount of variation in color that you get a depth so that’s created that you don’t have with paint it looks great and again it’s a way to bring sort of those those outdoors in and it still looks put together exactly natural elements and there are ways to make it look casual or sophisticated a looser weave is more casual and a tighter weave is more sophisticated and if you don’t want to install anything permanent you can always use something easy like a basket that can change your clutter and has that organic element so you have a win-win right there I love this in home they look so pretty natural fabric that’s another way you can achieve this look it is I love linens wools Cotton’s the term hand of the fabric is how a fabric feels and it’s hard to replicate that with synthetics I brought some linen and some cotton napkins and you can just feel that there’s a certain crispness or sometimes roughness to the fibers but don’t forget even blends are good too sometimes a cotton linen blend can you give you the best of both worlds it’s a little bit more easy care and less wrinkly than 100% linen tends to be okay that’s good a natural wood finishes well Colleen we’ve seen so many painted

finishes these days but don’t forget that natural wood is beautiful just by itself this is a relatively inexpensive piece from a big retailer and it’s got this great wood finish on it you don’t feel like they have to match you can get stains in any shade from light to dark and as long as they complement each other I’m thrilled when it’s not a matched set yet it looks nice when it’s not matching that you actually like that I think some people are afraid to do finishes but it’s totally acceptable totally acceptable in the home or on a house that I designed last year visitors saw a number of wood finishes there were oak floors that were stained dark walnut there’s a chestnut finish on the light fixtures and the table has a grayish tone and because they are all and have the same warmth to them they all fit well together you designed that I did you’re never coming anytime I never look like that well here’s the other thing bringing in the outdoors about bringing in greenery that’s a big though it is live plants and cut greens make a big difference and gene I so wish I had a green pen but I do not and that’s why these are succulents because succulents require require very little care I bought these at Metrolina Expo there were less than $20 apiece including the planters and they require almost no maintenance of course if that’s even too much for you you go into your yard you cut one of those flowering branches or maybe

you have a kind neighbor that doesn’t your mind you stick that in a vase and call it a day I like that and that’s pretty – yes lastly outdoor views something you want to say about that I do you know if we can’t really capture that with a prop but there’s a reason people prefer windows and offices with windows to officers without and that’s because we feel relaxed when we can look outside so even though we all want our seating areas to take advantage of the television make sure that there’s at least one seating area that looks out to the windows there is a TV in this room and the chairs are facing the TV but the sofa is looking out on this glorious backyard with the big windows and what you can’t even tell in the photo is that we’ve extended the curtain rod a little bit off the sides and that lets you stack your drapery back so that doesn’t eat into the sunlight from the window that’s the road and it asked the cycle mode so it’s a perfect example of a blend so it’s a little less scratchy than a sisal but same for texture yes I knew that really we had cycle I know he knows how to chop pillows little Tracy Zeller calm Tracy Zeller calm that’s where you can find Tracy online it’s tra CI Tracy Zeller calm you are so good thank you thank you so much great tips