Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home-Based Boutique Business

Best Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business 83 With Additional Home Design Furniture Decorating with Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business

hi everyone its Alejandra and I am standing inside of my very organized closet and I’m so excited to be giving you guys a closet tour today because I have spent maybe a little over six months trying to set up my closet trying to get it right trying to just organize it in a way that it’s going to work for my needs and my habits and stuff so alright so I just want to show you everything that I’ve done here so I am standing on one side of the closet there’s another side behind me or in front of me that I’m going to show you in just a second but this side this is where I have all of my drawers and shelves with baskets and then all my handbags up there and then the other side has all of the the hanging space and the shoes and the necklaces and stuff so let me just start with the drawers and show you everything so first off this system here is made by Ikea it’s called the PAC system and it comes in multiple colors this is the black brown everything is customizable meaning that it has these little pegs on the side of the closet so you can you know you can always take a shelf out add a drawer or you could add a rod to hang stuff or you know you can move this higher or lower depending upon what you’re storing so everything is just it’s in the right spot right now and I really like the way it set up so okay so the drawer so up here is where I have all of my jewelry and accessories so I went ahead and I found all of these nice jewelry organizers from Michaels now I loved the color I love hot pink I love zebra print and leopard print and stuff so they were I don’t know it was just fun it was matched my personality so I got them they were actually on clearance at Michael’s I think they were maybe three or four dollars I don’t remember but they have little sections so I have accessories like sunglasses jewelry boxes bracelets scarves belts and then over here I have rings bracelets some necklaces and earrings and stuff and then in the very front I have all my accessories that I use more often than some of my other accessories so I have like my small handbag like this I have this in black and beige I always use these when I’m just I don’t want to carry a big purse I just want to carry something also keep those right here and then I have all of my hat so I don’t wear hats too often but when I go to the gym sometimes overhead or just running errands and stuff so I have all of my

Best Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business 83 With Additional Home Design Furniture Decorating with Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business
Best Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business 83 With Additional Home Design Furniture Decorating with Clothes Hanger Tricks For Your Home Based Boutique Business

everyday hats right here and then so that’s the jewelry and accessory store and then the next one down is where I have pajamas leggings and sweatpants so I am a big leggings person in the winter I wear leggings like every single day and so leggings has its own section here and then sweatpants I’m always wearing slow pants also so slow pants are here and then pajamas pajamas are folded nicely over here and what I did here was I used these dividers these are spring-loaded dividers that they go inside drawers and they are they’re spring-loaded so they can they fit multiple sized doors so they just keep the sections separated and then at the bottom of the drawer you can kind of see down here is where I have this shelf liner that actually it smells it smells like I think it’s cute cucumber a lime so it just gives the drawer a nice scent and you just line the drawer and then all I did was use double-sided tape to kind of keep it down so it doesn’t slide everywhere now something else you can do and what I’ve done here is every time I go to the mall which I don’t really go to often but every time I go to the mall and I like I’m looking for perfume samples or something I bring home the perfume sample and I just stick it inside my drawer so if I didn’t have that liner down there then I would still have a nice scent inside of the drawer so here’s a sample one that I got from Macy’s and I’m just going to stick it at the bottom of the drawer so now my drawer has a nice smell okay so that’s the pajama door down here is where I have all of my undergarments so I’ve shown this on camera before and I thought it was kind of weird but whoever underwear socks bras and I have the same spring-loaded dividers right here so it kind of divides up you know the categories of stuff and then I have the same liner at the very bottom of the drawer that’s you know it stays it stays in place with the double-sided tape and then all the socks are kind of they’re color-coded like everything else in the store but they’re kind of categorized in a way where like gym socks here fancy socks here or like dressy socks here and then pajama socks like these fuzzy socks are all the way in the back okay so something else you could do if you want to have like a nice scent inside your drawer is get these little scented sachets I think they’re called that inkless is from Target or something they’re really inexpensive and you just put them in the side of your drawer and so the whole drawer will smell nice and fresh yeah and then down here exercise there’s really nothing special about that drawer and then tanks and tees okay so down here is where I have all of my there tank tops and t-shirts and what I do is I roll them so I can immediately see exactly what I’m looking for right when I open the drawer so if I open the drawer and I’m like okay I’m looking for my yellow tube top then I just look in the yellow socks yellow section and I see it right away so it’s just easy to it’s easy to see and find exactly what you’re looking for now if you’re going to roll your tank tops and t-shirts the goal is not to roll them perfectly like they might look perfectly rolled there but the goal is just to get them in its place and have everything visible so if something is you know if you just you know you get a shirt out of the laundry and you just you know you just want to roll quickly roll it like this maybe that’s not perfect but it’s still visible it’s still going to keep it from being wrinkled when you wear it and it’s somewhat in a rolled form so that’s okay too so it’s not about making things perfect okay the bottom drawer bottom drawer is where I have all of my jeans my what are they called legging jeans whatever they’re called and then my skirts like long short skirts and then I have some shorts they’re frilly there’s something special about the store I have a spring-loaded divider in place to keep everything separated I roll my jeans I fold all my legging jeans because they don’t really fold that or they don’t really roll that nicely and then I just fold all my skirts and stuff so I don’t really use I don’t really wear skirts that often and those are kinda like longer skirts so yeah that’s why they’re not hanging there dis funded so that is everything inside that drawer and then in the top of the closet here I have all of these they’re like sweater containers sweater baskets

sweater bins that’s what they’re called and I like the design because I feel like it kind of I don’t know it’s pretty and then I I added a pop of color with this label all I did was take scrapbook paper I just cut it into a square that fits this window put it inside and then I labeled the section with what’s inside sweaters and if you have these bins these are from the Container Store if you have them all of the handles they come wrinkled which is kind of bizarre but when I was shopping for them I was kind of looking for handles that weren’t wrinkled but that does not exist so all I did was take my flat iron I put it on a really low setting and I just ironed the handles out so now all the wrinkles are out and now it just hangs really nicely and there’s no wrinkles okay so sweaters purses a beach wear and then travel so everything is just kind of tossed inside nothing is really like the sweaters are folded travel that’s just like travel bags cosmetic bags and stuff that’s just tossed in their purses it’s kind of just tossed in there and then Beach where that’s just tossed in there also and then I have this is my little ring holder that I just keep on the shelf it’s a poodle you guys know that I love poodles we have a toy poodle so it’s just cute and then every day after you know before I go to sleep I was just hanging my ring there okay so up here is where I have handbags so all my handbags are nested inside of each other now I do have some purses down here inside of this sweater bin that I just showed you guys these are these are more like I don’t know medium-size handbags as opposed to these up here they’re larger ones they’re more like duffel bags or weekend bags and they’re all nested inside of each other and then I used these these dividers they’re shelf dividers they just they clip on to the shelf and then they just hold the they keep the bag upright so if the bag is going to fall over it’s not really going to fall over because there’s a shelf divider there and then keep all my wigs up there just kind of weird but I don’t know why I have a wig it’s just kind of fun to wear on occasion and then my step stool is over here so if I wanted to grab a bag up there I wouldn’t have to call it inside my closet because he’s so tall and he can easily reach that I just grab my step stool and get the bag up there so that is everything on this side of the closet let me show you the other side of my closet this is the other side of my closet so this is where I have all of my hanging clothes and I have all my shoes at the very top so I’ll just start up here okay so all my everyday shoes like my flip-flops my tennis shoes my I guess that’s everything I wear flip-flops and tennis shoes those are all indoor pockets on the door like the closet door because it’s very easy to access it’s within like within reach and it’s just super accessible so all the shoes that I don’t really wear that often like like heels and shoes for special occasions and stuff those go in shoeboxes at the very top of my closet and I really what I really wanted to do was I really wanted to do the picture of the shoe in front of the shoebox but if you’ve ever done that before you know it takes so much time and I was trying to think of what else can I do that doesn’t take up that much time that’s still like you can still tell what shoe is which so I just took my my label maker and I took my pink label tape and I just labeled everything with whatever I thought made sense so like orange ashlee heels like I know those are my orange heels that Ashley gave me so it just makes sense inside my head okay and so down here is where I have all of my there’s some long skirts there’s some Sun dresses and that’s really about it over here in this section and then over here I have all of my fancier shirts like like short-sleeved blouses and I have like my favorite t-shirts that I wear like on a weekly basis those are all hanging here and then all my sleeveless tops are all in the front here so everything is categorized by what category it is and then after I categorize it I put everything in color-coded order because it just makes sense in my head because when I come inside my closet if I’m if I know I’m looking for my orange t-shirt like my orange nicer t-shirt I’m just going to go to the shirt section and then go to the orange section and I immediately find what I’m looking for okay and then up here is where I have all of my long sleeve tops like long sleeve t-shirts and long-sleeved blouses and stuff

and I do the same thing I put them in color-coded order because it’s just easier to find and retrieve exactly what you’re looking for when you walk inside the closet I switched my hangers so before I was using the wooden they were kind of thick hangers from Ikea I think it was like 10 to a pack or something but I swapped them for these felt lined hangers from Costco I think they were pack of 36 for $9.99 it was a super incredible deal and at first I didn’t really like these hangers because I feel like the clothes just like clings to them too much and then it’s hard to just take things off when you’re kind of in a rush getting dressed but um but I tried them and I really liked them and they are super affordable and they’re space-saving because they’re so thin that you can just fit a lot in the closet so I think I did that switch maybe last year I don’t really remember one so something else I do inside my closet is I make sure that each garment that’s hanging on a rod has enough breathing space so for example if like you can kind of see that it’s pretty easy to take out like take out one of the hangers and put it back in because nothing is like jam-packed like that when it’s too jam-packed it’s too hard to pull something out or even put something back and when something is too hard to put away or too hard to access then that means it’s not probably getting used as much as it could be if it was just set up a little bit easier so you want to make sure that everything has enough breathing space okay so over here I have a necklace organizer that just pulls out from the side of the closet and it’s actually it’s made for all kinds of accessories you don’t have to just put necklaces you can put scarves or you can put bracelets or belts or ties I just have a lot of necklaces so it just works really well okay so on this side of the closet I have another accessory organizer that I put all my other necklaces so each necklace gets its own little hook some of them are doubled up or some of them are tripled depends on the weight of the necklace but I like how it just slides out and then slides right back in okay so something else I do is I use these little dividers in each of the sections so for all my tube dresses I have this little divider that just hangs on the rod that keeps the section separated so I know what’s going to go on like on this side and what’s going to go on this side so this just goes in front of the dress section okay and then over here on the closet door on the inside of the door I have door pockets that again they just hang on the top of the door nothing is drilled into the door or

anything it just kind of sits on top of hooks for all my everyday shoes so these are shoes that I wear like all week long or everyday like fill clubs tennis shoes slippers I’m really like such a casual dresser so yeah so I just have all my casual shoes right here easy to access easy to put away and super convenient and then down here is where I have all of my scarves so with the scarves all I did was just roll them kind of like this and then just put them inside of the door pockets just like that so it’s really easy to see and find exactly which scarf you’re looking for because you can just you see everything in one shot it’s not like you’re you know shuffling through scarves trying to find the right one you just see everything and that’s what that’s what I wanted and that’s what I like so again this is on the inside of the door so when the closet door is shut you’re not going to see like any of this busy stuff the the back the door is just plain and it’s nice and clean so that is everything that I want to share with you guys about my closet I hope these tips are helpful if you want more tips on how to organize your space or your closet you can visit my website at Alejandra TV I’ll see you guys soon bye

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