Different Thematic With A Design Fun Bunk Beds That Save Space

Cute Different Thematic With A Design Fun Bunk Beds That Save Space 73 on Home Design Ideas with Different Thematic With A Design Fun Bunk Beds That Save Space

here’s the room I made for my boys I wanted to have a nautical theme so I have these bunk beds the top ones suspended and completely independent of the bottom one it’s tied with these anchors there and with rope up to the wall and a knot and it’s pretty sturdy it can move up but it can’t move down and we’ve had a lot of people up on there so I’ll tell you a bit about how it was done I made two frames out of oak and I cut them 45 degree angles and then I have two panhead lag bolts that are about that long at least six inches they go through there and here and then also on the other side coming forward these are actually okay and rails I had some lumber cheap so I decided to do this and then underneath it’s just a sheet of plywood I stained it and I screwed on actually just nailed on a wood lip all the way around and there’s no supports in between here just one sheet of plywood and it works perfectly and while we’re down here there’s a lag bolt right there going into a stud there’s one there and one there so three lags holding it in two studs on the wall this anchor is just for decoration but this one’s anchored into a stud and is support so without this one anchored securely this bed would not work like this at all the Rope is just a thick twine rope from Home Depot and this is found just like actual nautical rigging it’s wound and

really tight and then painted black to keep it secure from slipping it just slips over here these are not lag bolts these are actual bolts I had to drill a couple holes and throw some nuts under there so it goes down and never had any trouble or issues with this my son uses this to climb up kind of monkeys up and it works really well so the tie the boat anchor tie metal bracket here is bolted into two pieces of oak and those two pieces of oak are screwed into the structural elements of the wall so what you’d want to do preferably I put on crown molding so I cut open the wall and reinforced it because if I just tied it into a stud right here and they didn’t do a good job nailing the stud and a lot of weight was put on this it could you know do some damage so but if you don’t have crown molding and you put this even higher you could nail in to the beam that’s going straight across and that would be really secure because I have crown molding I had to go lower and then the stud was the only secure part of that so then just tie the knot really tight let’s say one trick with doing the knots if you decide to do this is I slip it on there then wind it up and have some excess if it’s a little too saggy still now if you look down here and this edge is drooping what you do is you unhook it here and spin the rope so since the twine is going this way I’d spin it like this that tightens up the rope and it also lifts up the bed so if it’s drooping a bit you just spin the Rope a bit and Reese lip it around this anchor and it jacks up the bed enough to make it level this wasn’t the perfect bedding but it really matches the paint pretty well um I got this this is a target Brett bedspread million-selling stories and more but I found it online it’s um there’s a tag here Serco circle

what do you call it I’ll put it in the description and these lights here are from Ikea and I drilled a little hole in here to hide the wire down the wall and I got these dimmers here so they make nice reading lamps those wall plates were from Lowe’s and they matched the style of the lamp you can see perfectly straight lines clean lines chrome and black and my boat boys absolutely love those reading lamps use them all the time so let’s glad I put them in got a Hunter Douglas fan here it’s black and chrome and one of their elements um curtains get away with not having the funky lighting curtains for from Ikea as well I wanted something somewhat similar to a sale so I just had white sheets with pilots at the top doesn’t feel to unknot achill again crown molding all the way around old metal G poster here and I’m going to put I’m going to take this painting down and put some IKEA shelves up in the next video if you want to watch how those are installed there the shelves that have no supports underneath they just come straight out of the wall and they match the same wood color they’re chrome and Chrome in like ebony or whatever they call it just a really dark brown so that should look pretty good I’ll talk about how this bed goes in so underneath this bed are just these are just furniture legs that I came across for like a sofa

just a block of wood and pull it out you can see that this bed has nothing to do with the top so you can move around to anything you want and under here it’s just the sheet of plywood it’s just resting on the lip that was nailed on it did help fortifying this this is I’m up second-story here as you can see and actually my house is a lot like my neighbors I have this so here’s a bedroom right here and I have this big triangle shape in the Attic it was just dead space so here cut a hole in the wall and made a pretty big playroom and do their Legos and hang out and rustle in here and this was such a big amount of space as you can see it would be a shame just to leave it attic so that allowed me to cut open here and do a lot of retrofit for holding the one beam so the key to this bed is this here and oh let me show you down the side it’s probably too dark but this thing on this side maybe turn on the reading lamp little bit more and the lens make it down there I don’t think so anyway right there you see the reflection there it is a little bit see the little white thing that’s us bushing from a skateboard truck there called the truck is part of the skateboard that holds the wheels and it also attaches to the board and there’s these little rubber

bushings so this lag bolt is not going straight into the wall if you bolt it a piece of wood straight against them all your Walt I’m also more often than not it’s not gonna be framed perfectly straight so it’ll be a bit wobbly and every time they get in the bed you’ll hear it creaking and hitting the wall it would be terrible so I put one bushing in between the bed frame and the wall so each of the three lag bolts has one little rubber bushing and that gives it a cushion so boys jump on here it doesn’t transfer all that energy directly into the studs causing creaks and damage sheetrock and all that so it’s a vital part of the construction of this as well anyway I hope that’s been helpful give you something to think about it was a pretty fun project this paint is a three tone so the ceilings flat Brown and and then this is kind of a cream-colored it’s not white and then the blue is a nice color blue that works very well was combination I didn’t come up with what I saw it in a magazine so I’ll put the paint colors in the description as well so case you wanted to do this and if you do leave some comments maybe anything that you found helpful or some different ideas that you had maybe help other people the only thing I mean we didn’t put up enough decorations yet I still want to do a lot of fun stuff in here the curtains are kind of boring I wish I could fancy them up a little more bow dish this I wish I could find I think that’s just stripes or something but it’s good so if you find awesome bedding that’s great for nautical room leave that in the comments as well and anyway has questions and I’ll answer them thanks for watching

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