How To Build A Low Profile Entertainment Center

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something so the grain is really hard I know a lot of you guys are like I don’t get what you’re saying but I’m linking some videos down below so you guys can get a better idea of what I’m doing but basically what I’m going to be staining is the top basically the whole exterior of it and then the inside um doors here but I’m actually going to leave all of this the way that it is as well as um in here but you guys will be able to see this is all the sheets and stuff that was like covering the floor of this place was a mess because we had to take a pause that she didn’t have the wood conditioner that we need to start the product what conditioners kind of like a primer to help the wood stain kind of absorb into the wood evenly they didn’t have any and we’re going with Minwax brand so we’re taking a pause and I cannot live in a wood shop I just cannot it’s been like that this took me on exactly a week to do and like exactly like seven maybe even eight days to do um so it’s a really long process but I’m keeping my eyes on the prize this is the entertainment center that I was talking about you see how the grains are really I don’t

know the thing that I don’t like is that the grain here is so much darker than the grain on this it’s like they use another panel I’m not that but you know we’ll see how the wood absorbs so I’m a little bit nervous about that so I went shopping for wood stains there were so many and so many colors and it was pretty awesome but this is what I got royal walnut and this is my entertainment center this is the practice wood and first you want to begin by wiping off any excess dust from sanding because you don’t want that to be inside your wood and gloves okay so pre stained wood conditioner from mid wax this is what I’m using is gonna help the stain absorb evenly and I was actually surprised by how watery it looked pretty cool looking so I’m taking my brush and I’m literally just brushing that on as if I was painting it so I decided to do a little experiment I’m gonna appreciate in one side and I’m gonna wipe that excess off and

leave the other side on wood conditioned I guess so this is the Royal walnut poly shades color and you really want to mix it up I’m taking my paint brush you don’t want to take this much people it will drip as you will see in the beginning it’s horrible and I’m so glad that I had the practice piece of wood but I’m just going with the grain and basically just seeing if I need the wood conditioner and on the other side I am NOT gonna apply the wood conditioner just to see if if it’s I don’t know if it has an effect on it I guess and surely it did you can see the difference one side is evenly coated and the other is really streaky so this is what I’m doing to prepare my living room garbage bags on the couch on the floor all over the floor and then I cover it with sheets all right entertainment center left side one coat right side no stain and the bookcase one coat of stain and then one coat of stain two coats of stain I actually love the richness of the color the more coats I added on and with this I’m just literally moving with a grin like we’ve been doing this whole process you just want to move really quickly because this can drive but I really like this because it has sustained and the varnish all-in-ones and oh when you want to get inside the nooks and the crannies like this if you have like a weird edge you just want to make sure you smooth out that edge so that there’s no harsh lines and it was pretty easy and kind of fun a

little time-consuming but I can deal with it I can I can deal with that it was worth it my finished masterpiece is gorgeous isn’t it no I really like the color it came out so as dark as I thought it was gonna be but I actually really love just so glossy finish it’s a little blotchy in some areas but hey I’m a first-timer I think this is pretty darn good okay for your first time come on prompt can I get some props no but I really love the way the Sun hits it and of course I did the top as well so this is what the inside looks like as you can see I stained the inside of the doors right here I only did two coats here the rest of it I did three coats and on the very inside there I also did not stain and it needs to be wiped out of course because of all the standing and I’ve slipped at the inside of the lower cabinet drawers please excuse the lighting but um this is the bookcase that I did and on the inside I literally just put some construction paper on the lighting is really bad so I couldn’t get this to be the deepness of the color I wanted I mean I basically just had to go with the wood it was really light wood so it was hard to really stain into that deep color and if I would have used maybe like um an oil stain where you like rub it in um the outcome might have been different but because it was like a varnish and a stain mixed in one it may have affected how the stain absorbed I’m going to thank you guys for watching there’s gonna be more to come and I’m so excited all right

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