Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials

Best Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials 72 For Your Small Home Remodel Ideas with Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials

all right listen up we’ve got tips to save you some money and maybe something even more precious eight types of fraud that can cost you your life you can find tons of real life stories on the internet about swindlers who make it their job to deceive people more often than not victims are cheated of their money or property but that’s not even the worst case scenario sometimes this fraudulent activity is much more life-threatening than anyone can imagine so we’re about to take a look at eight situations when you need to be extra careful not to risk your health and even your life counting down from number eight refurbishing used tires some sketchy service stations that just care about making extra money and not about the consequences of their actions have the following scheme they take old tires remove the worn down outer layer and carve out new tread on the surface of the tires the danger in this lies in the fact that tires along with the rubber they’re made from have a specific lifespan and scammers exacerbate the situation by taking off the top layer of the material this way your great bargain significantly increases your risk of having an accident with a tragic outcome be careful and if you decide to buy used tires bring a specialist along to check them number seven rat poison and cement in medicines be especially cautious when buying medicines online there are tons of legitimate pharmacies

on the internet but there are probably even more fake ones if you end up buying from a counterfeit supplier you risk not only your health but your life as well fake drugs can contain talc starch and other useless yet harmless substances but there have been several cases reported when counterfeit pills contain substances like rat poison and cement that’s white you should only get medicines from licensed pharmacies and if something reeks of suspicion check that the pharmacy has supporting documentation one big red flag is sites that provide prescription drugs without asking for a prescription from a doctor online pharmacies are a great way to save money but be extra careful your health depends on it number six so I fish instead of soul there are lots of scams connected with food and this fish fraud is one of the most dangerous swai is a cheap vietnamese catfish that sometimes presented as the gourmet fish sole swai fish live in the polluted mekong river which is a dumping ground for waste and sewer water as a result the fish gets sick and are treated with antibiotics but they’re still extremely dangerous to eat it’s pretty hard to distinguish these two types of fish but hard doesn’t mean impossible you can tell the difference by color filet of the gourmet fish is white while swai is pinkish or grass by size sole fillet is thinner and by smell swai has an unpleasant River smell be careful and don’t let anyone put your health on the line if something smells fishy you’re probably being cheated number five seafood fraud fraud

Best Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials 72 For Your Small Home Remodel Ideas with Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials
Best Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials 72 For Your Small Home Remodel Ideas with Support Your Healthy Lifestyle With Harmless Furniture Materials

connected with seafood isn’t just limited to the swai for sole scheme whether on purpose in order to save a buck or simply by neglect seafood handlers might not practice the extreme precautions that they should when dealing with such a sensitive product if fish and seafood are not refrigerated or handled improperly consumers can end up with severe food poisoning one of the latest concerns is ciguatera a toxin that can be found in some fish species earlier it was only detected in tropical regions but nowadays is getting imported more often with large reef fish ciguatera poisoning can last for months and the symptoms people suffer from include diarrhea nausea blurred vision numbness or even reverse temperature sensations where you perceive hot is called in vice versa oh boy in the worst case scenario ciguatera can evoke severe neurologic symptoms and can even reappear throughout life another life-threatening form of seafood fraud is failing to mention the existence of traces of these ingredients in other products but of course companies don’t want to keep people from buying their goods so they might conveniently forget to warn people about this danger but shellfish and fish allergy is one of the most common and serious in the u.s. along with tree nut and peanut allergies so if the potential allergens aren’t declared this can cost somebody their life swindlers may even purposely miss label fish and seafood just to earn more money tile fish in New York was mislabeled as halibut and red snapper and in Florida macro was presented as grouper these two types of fish can be found on the FDA’s do not eat list for certain people like children and pregnant women because these fish contain dangerous levels of mercury number four medical services this type of fraud could possibly be the worst one on our list you can find tons of stories online about people going to private clinics getting a bunch of different health checks and receiving shockingly horrible diagnosis doctors prescribe costly treatments and promise a miraculous full recovery sounds like modern medicine at its finest but there are no diseases at all these patients are quite healthy victims of fraud they lose a lot of money but what’s even worse taking all these different drugs that the body doesn’t need can result in a sea of real problems like dis

bacterio –ss the best course of action if you’re in doubt about your diagnosis is to consult several doctors number three used furniture this one isn’t all that life-threatening but it’s still a pretty nasty way to get cheated when you buy used furniture at a discount be ready to find your new sofa or armchair full of bedbugs unfortunately it’s next to impossible to understand right away if there are any creepy crawlies setting up camp and a certain piece of furniture sofa bugs for example live in places invisible to the naked eye their larvae hide in the seams of arm rests in the Junction’s of the wood frame and in other snug places that are difficult to reach it’s incredibly hard to get rid of these horrible little bugs so if you’re not sure about the piece of furniture you’re getting ready to buy don’t chance it there are plenty of other furniture stores out there number two expired products of course we’re very lucky to be surrounded by so much food that we don’t even have time to consume it before it expires a lot of the world can’t say the same so perhaps in an effort to waste less some entrepreneurs open up stores where they sell food that as either just recently expired or is about to at much lower prices but if you buy from these discount grocers at least you know that you’re risking it by your own choice but some tricky grocery stores try to make that choice for you for foods that are made on the premises like bread or meat they might put false dates on their expiration stickers or remove the old ones and replace them with new ones always be cautious when buying food examine all the packaging attentively to make sure no labels have been replaced check that the condition of the food matches the date written on it if that meat looks a little funky but it says it was packaged today you might want to skip on buying it and number one promised beauty plastic surgery clinics are where some of the greatest fraudsters out there are working clients looking to have a little work done are often consulted not by a surgeon but by a talented psychologist and this professional will recommend tons of other nips and tucks that the client had never even noticed or felt self-conscious about before the surgeon intern just does what’s written in the patient’s file and that’s it so before you plan any plastic surgery consult several specialists analyze all the information you’ve gathered and choose the doctors who honestly warned you about side effects so have you heard about other dangerous ways swindlers can deceive people tell us in the comments below share this video with all the people you care about and who you don’t want falling victim to fraud remember to hit the like button to show us that you’ve appreciated this useful information and if you haven’t done so yet subscribe to our Channel this way you won’t miss anything new come out on the bright side of lie you

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