Scandinavian Christmas Decor Plans

hi everyone this video is a little bit different from the videos that I normally do because I wanted to make a video about something that’s been very inspiring to me lately and that is home decor so a little bit of backstory when my husband and I moved into our new place we wanted to start fresh and so we really wanted to go with more minimalistic modern approach with our new place because as new parents we found out that the less you have the easier it is to keep it clean and organized but on that same note we wanted it to still be very warm and cozy and feel like home so as we started decorating and getting pieces that we liked and it started coming together it eventually evolved into a Scandinavian type of decor which most designers would define as modern minimalistic with livable elements to it so that’s what this video is about and that’s what I hope it does for you is inspire you if you’re wanting to decorate your own place few things to think about when you’re doing skins and Navion decor is start with a neutral color palette black swipes you can’t go wrong with any type of earth tones and lots of bright light and natural light in your place if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your place you can make your place brighter with white walls or light-colored walls and then warm up the space with a cozy rub here and there mixing textiles Geographic patterns and then of course adding earth elements of wood metal marbles and any type of plants are also really good so I hope that you liked the video please remember to subscribe by clicking in the bottom right corner of the screen and thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy

my bedroom come on in I’ll light a candle for you guys just make yourselves comfortable so let’s start off with my dressing table underneath I have the step stool which I used to sit on and a basket where I store my clean bed sheets on top I have my gray dolla Hess from Sweden al Anton and my favorite book about writing on the windowsill I have this perfume that Matthias bought me in a reed diffuser I mostly sit on my dressing table to do my makeup in the drawer I have all my makeup my eyeshadow palette and lipstick contour kit and highlights primers foundation and blush all my makeup brushes other miscellaneous items and my jewelry and hair accessories I also sit at this table most mornings to write my novel it’s my dedicated space free from the distractions of my office and just to calm space for me to get on my words down next we have this little corner of the room this is my favorite plant called a schefflera or umbrella plant and here we have a clothes rack which I use to put my current day clothes or pajamas for the week I also have this contraption it’s a lap desk from Ikea

I use it in bed when I’m just chilling watching YouTube videos and movies here we have my bedside table I have a lush dinosaur plant a wooden leg and a little stand my Google pixel it’s also a cute little photo of Mattias and I in Denmark here’s my Sony speakers and I can fall asleep listening to soothing UIC’s of your own Hennessey Algren and here’s the main feature of my bedroom my bed I love my bed it’s a queen-size bed and I change the sheets just for you guys spent a lot of time in bed reading books every position is comfortable you guys don’t know comfort until you’ve been in my bed lastly my wardrobe I’ve gotten rid of about 80% of my clothes and it feels very good that everything has own place now so that’s pretty much it that’s my bedroom it was fun I’ve had you guys over let me know what you guys think and if you want me to show you around my office next thanks for watching have a lovely day and as always we say tops Martin